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This tutorial pack features Cardistry-con Championship 2016 runner-up Daniel Lin.

"Triplex is a collection of some of my favorite creations. Not just because of their visual appeal, but also because these moves are a physical manifestation of how my style of Cardistry has evolved over time.

Moving from moves explicitly created to showcase certain structures to moves that explore knuckle-busting grips. So I feel deeply connected to each and everyone of these moves as they express me as an individual.

No matter whether or not you purchase these tutorials, I hope that this project reminds you that Cardistry is a form of expression. Too many people practice Cardistry as a sport; perfecting each and every new move released by well-known Cardists.

With that said, I hope this project and the moves within it inspire you to create something new. Something no one else has done regardless of how funky or weird looking or sloppy it might be. Something unique to you."

- Daniel Lin

Total runtime: 29 minutes

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