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Underground Singaporean cardist Raihan Roslan finally reveals his secrets!

Raihan is one of the most underrated cardists in the Singaporean cardistry scene. His style draws inspiration from complex geometric shapes and figures. After years of pursuit, we finally manage to get the elusive Raihan to share some of his signature moves in this space-themed tutorial pack.

"Hi, my name is Raihan Roslan and welcome to Gliese.

I am a cardist from Singapore and I have been practicing this craft for half a decade. I was underground for the past few years but now I have resurfaced with this amazing download. The Gliese tutorial pack features my favorite unique moves that I have created over the years. Here's the run up:

An elegant formation of a star accompanied with a smooth closer.
Difficulty: Medium

A quick, compact and flippy 2-handed cut.
Difficulty: Easy

A flashy and addictive way of flipping the deck 540 degrees.
Difficulty: Easy

A triangle is solved from a jumbled-up structure.
Difficulty: Medium

581 Extended
A second phase is added which blends into the flow of 581.
Difficulty: Easy

Thumbflip 2
A quick 180-degrees is added resulting to a more spectacular Thumbflip.
Difficulty: Easy

Gliese Sequence
A never-before seen mashup of Gliese, 581 and Thumbflip all in one continuous cut.
Difficulty: Hard

Histories, voice overs, slow-motion shots from multiple angles, tips and tricks are included in this tutorial to ensure you receive the best learning style. This run up is designed such that no matter what your skill level is, be it beginner or an experienced cardist, I am positive that you'll benefit and enjoy this download. After the long wait, the Gliese tutorial pack is finally available, so click the 'Add to Cart' button and let's start learning!"

Runtime: 39 mins

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