About Us

The New Deck Order (NDO) was established in 2013, with the vision of bringing Cardists from all over the world closer together. We are committed to bringing you high quality products that will take your Cardistry to the next level.

Our mission is to make Cardistry accessible to everyone.

In 2013, we created the School of Cardistry channel, a free YouTube resource for Cardistry tutorials aimed at absolute beginners. Since its creation, the channel has brought Cardistry tutorials to over 120,000 subscribers, and is the top choice for many new Cardists entering the art.

Creative Director

Jaspas has been practicing the art of Cardistry since 2003, at the age of 15. His unconventional style of Cardistry is recognized by Cardists everywhere. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Film-making) from Nanyang Technological University, he constantly pushes the boundaries of Cardistry and the media we use to communicate it.

Jaspas is the World Kardistry Champion (2013/14) and has won numerous other Cardistry competitions throughout his career, including MU2005 (Champion), UDCC (First Runner-up), CCC2008 (First Runner-up), and UCC2010 (Champion).


Loretta manages all of the invisible but vital parts of the business, from the website, to accounts, to marketing and customer service. She is the Jack of all trades to Jaspas' Jack of all Spades.