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"The first time I ever showed Unzipped to anyone was via a photo through a chat group. When they saw the photo of Unzipped, they were very intrigued at how it could have been done. I then sent a video showing the whole move, and they went absolutely wild. Jaspas was so impressed with it that he used it in one of his WKC videos.

The Unzipped project contains a selection of original material from my repertoire that are vastly different from one another, both visually and technically.

The moves cover a wide range of difficulties, and are all incredibly fun to perform and practice.

No matter your skill level, you will have something to gain from the Unzipped project. I hope that you are inspired by what's within the Unzipped project and make these flourishes your own!"

-Teo Chun Chieh

This download includes tutorials for the moves: Unzipped, Metronome, Chiffon and Hammerlock Fan. Also join Chun Chieh as he embarks on a mission to search for the best card stores in Singapore!

Runtime: 27 minutes


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