Isometric No. X

Kenneth Aidan Foo

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Isometric No. X or (Isometric X) is the latest series of cards from Kenneth Aidan Foo conceived by remixing the original geometric designs from Isometric Playing Cards with the visions of creative artists across different industries.

The first Isometric X Deck - Isometric x Trix - was brought into existence by Singapore-based artist Trixie Chua. The deck features designs based on the traditional glove-clad magician's hands winding in and out of the geometric designs emblematic of an Isometric Deck. The box is splashed with unique character designs, featuring some of Kenneth's favourite things.

Inside the box, you'll also find 2 cards in the colorways of Isometric No. 1 and No. 2 along with 52 cards and 2 Jokers.

“Isometric X's are the reason I stopped making decks. X's are my favourite. They're that perfect fit of great conversation-starting design (a collab with Trixie Chua and perfect deck feel. Regular faces to perform magic with and great looking backs to perform cardistry with - an amazing deck daily driver. I hope you enjoy playing with them and staring at the wonderful back design as much as I do!” - Kenneth Aidan Foo

Special note: Since the Isometric No. X’s are all being shipped from Singapore we are being presented with a unique opportunity for customers from the US. If you write any write any requests in the “Message to Seller” section, Jaspas will do his best to fulfill it. 

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