The School of Cardistry V2 Deck


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The School of Cardistry V2 deck is printed by Legends Playing Card Co., with their crisp and durable Emerald Finish. The intricate design was done by Singaporean illustrator and visual artist Marcus Lim from SVNTY, whose works have been featured on StyleCaster, Vanichi and The Business Times.

As with the School of Cardistry V1, these cards do not feature standard faces, but instead have a the same design on all 52 cards. Despite being non-standard, the design pays homage to traditional playing cards with elements inspired by court cards on the mandala.

The faces allow your displays to look more cohesive. The mandala makes spinning moves look great, and fans and spreads look bigger due to the two visible layers of colors. The backs add an extra splash of black on a clearly-defined border. It makes displays look clean, yet flips and twirls look extra flashy.

Each deck comes with a discount code that lets you download the Elevator Cut tutorial for FREE!

Please email for wholesale enquiries.

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