The School of Cardistry V3 Deck


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If you're looking for a deck that makes every element of your Cardistry look outstanding, you've found it. Designed by renown playing card designer Edo Huang, the School of Cardisty V3 deck is a feast for your eyes and a pleasure in your hands.

The School of Cardistry V3 deck features a “Beyond Borders” back design, with circles that continue off the cards. The iconic Dynamic Face Design gives the deck a seamless and continuous flow, while the indices give separation to each individual card. A center indicator on both sides of the card provides you with a natural guide to the perfect position for card spins and isolation routines.

This version of the School of Cardistry deck comes with an improved stock over our last two iterations. We’ve chosen a stock that is softer, with the perfect finish and varnishing that makes fans a breeze. This deck readily fans when you want it to, and stays in packets when it needs to.

This deck release is accompanied by the Geometricks tutorial by Jaspas Deck, which can be downloaded for FREE with a discount code provided in each deck!

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