Jaspas Deck Neon Nights Edition

The New Deck Order

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Introducing the Jaspas Deck Neon Nights Edition, an absolutely glowing deck with glowing reviews.

As a thank you for your support, we've decided to create an absolutely insane deal for all of you, only available for 48 hours (until 2359hrs on 26 September, GMT+8). For every 3 decks of Jaspas Deck Neon Nights, we will be throwing in a free deck! 

If you buy 3 Neon Nights: 1 free School of Cardistry V6

If you buy 6 Neon Nights: 1 free School of Cardistry V6 and 1 Broken Borders 2019

If you buy 9 Neon Nights: 1 free School of Cardistry V6, 1 Broken Borders 2019 and 1 Jaspas Deck Eggplant Edition

If you buy 12 Neon Nights: 1 free School of Cardistry V6, 1 Broken Borders 2019, 1 Jaspas Deck Eggplant Edition and 1 Jaspas Deck Cardistry Con Edition

This means that if you buy a brick of Jaspas Deck Neon Nights, we will be sending you an extra $83 worth of premium playing cards, on the house! Please note that you will not need to add the free decks to your order, they will be added in automatically.

Please note that international orders will be fulfilled on Mondays.

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