Jaspas Deck Favourite Day Edition 2


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When we released the first Jaspas Deck Favourite Day Editions as an April Fool's joke, we didn't release any photos to go with it. Not a single one. It still sold out, and those of you who got it, loved it!

Now, we're introducing the second Jaspas Deck Favourite Day Editions. You know the drill ;)

Psst. We highly recommend getting 3.

This is a 150-deck pre-release, ONLY FOR USA AND SINGAPORE. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation, shipping to other countries will be severely delayed. We wish everyone could get to experience this deck (yes, it's definitely an experience) but we don't want you to have to part with your money only to have to wait forever to get your hands on the deck.

Orders received from any other country will be cancelled and refunded. We will open sales up to the rest of the world when shipping times are more stable.


Please take note that due to COVID-19 halting airlines across the world, many countries are experiencing shipping delays or suspensions. Check on the status of your country's shipping on our shipping page.

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