Jaspas' 1st April Mystery Deck


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Jaspas' 1st April Mystery Deck

Amid all this chaos happening in the world right now, treat yourself with a surprise from The New Deck Order! 

For only $13, you could get any of these decks below:

School of Cardistry V1
School of Cardistry V4
School of Cardistry V5
Broken Borders 2018
Broken Borders 2019
Jaspas Deck Eggplant
Jaspas Deck Cardistry-con Edition
Jaspas Deck GDCM
and of course, last year's Jaspas Deck Favorite Day Edition! ;) 

Stay home, practice cardistry and save lives.

Please take note that due to COVID-19 halting airlines across the world, many countries are experiencing shipping delays or suspensions. Check on the status of your country's shipping on our shipping page.

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