Isometric YES

The New Deck Order

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Introducing Isometric YES Playing Cards: A Celebration of Cardistry, Love, and Connection!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a masterpiece that intertwines art, love, and the essence of Isometric framework. Isometric YES Playing Cards is a testament to the harmonious fusion of design and emotion, featuring the collaborative efforts of Kenneth Aidan Foo and his beloved wife, Demi.

Dive into a world where creativity intertwines with profound emotion. Isometric YES showcases the intricate Isometric Framework adorned with the bespoke artwork of Demi, creating an unparalleled synergy that celebrates their shared journey and love story. Each card is a canvas of expression, reflecting their unique personalities and shared moments.

The faces of the cards resonate with a depth of meaning that transcends the ordinary. As you hold these cards, you'll witness an array of personalized details that pay homage to Kenneth and Demi's interests, a testimony to their devotion for one another. Every shuffle becomes a reminder of the power of love and the art of Cardistry.

Experience the allure of Isometric YES as you run your fingers across the exquisite finish that graces each card. The result is a deck that feels exquisite in your hands, ensuring seamless performance, while radiating a captivating beauty that's camera-ready for every moment you choose to share.

This exceptional deck is a limited treasure crafted exclusively for Kenneth and Demi's wedding. With only a small quantity available, owning Isometric YES becomes a testament to your appreciation for the artistry and passion that Kenneth has shared with the world over the years.


Special note: Since the Isometric YES’s are all being shipped from Singapore we are being presented with a unique opportunity for customers from the US. If you write any write any requests in the “Message to Seller” section, Jaspas will do his best to fulfill it.