Jaspas Deck Cardistry-con Edition

The New Deck Order

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Since the explosive launch of the Jaspas Deck GDCM edition, cardists have been asking what's next in line to the throne of our popular Jaspas Deck series.

Here it finally is - the Jaspas Deck Cardistry-con Edition, combining both the Jaspas Deck monogram and Cardistry-con logo, and made to commemorate Cardistry-con 2018 in Hong Kong. First announced at the event, participants were wowed and could not wait to get their hands on one of these decks.

As with the previous luxury edition of the Jaspas Deck line, we spared no expense in the production of this deck. We've taken the most popular stock and finish from our previous decks, and combined them to create a deck that's soft and gentle in your hands, but with an outstanding level of durability. With silver foil stamped on every single card, your cardistry moves will literally shine.

The Jaspas Deck Cardistry-con Edition is extremely exclusive, with only 921 made, and each individually numbered.

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