When we first met Duy Nguyen in real life, it was June 2014, and we were on the CoSEA tour. We were lucky enough to be introduced to him by Yang Nguyen. Duy just sat there in the quiet, dark coffeeshop, busting out move after mind-blowing move.

One of those moves was Spinny, a move that Spingod is partially based on. Spinny is a one-handed two-packet spinning move. Think of a two-card twirl, but with packets instead of individual cards.


In December, 7 of us from Singapore Cardistry flew over to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to meet and exchange ideas with the cardists there. Duy lived in a different part of Vietnam – Hanoi – which was over a thousand miles away. We decided that we could not miss this opportunity to fly him over from Hanoi. We asked if he would like to work on a project with us, and he obliged.

Spingod is the joint effort of cardists from Singapore and Vietnam. It is the result of our passion and love for the art.

And we have to tell you, it is amazing.