In 2011, Kardistry.com held the Cardistry Death Match - a competition of unprecedented scale. The knock-out style competition attracted over a hundred entrants, consisting of Cardists of the highest calibre. And after an audition round and five knock-out rounds, Rama Dimasatria emerged as the champion.

Rama's brilliant take on how Cardistry should be performed and expressed left a huge impression on the NDO team. In 2014, he was one of the first Cardists we invited to our feature-length DVD, the Cardistry of South East Asia.

In early 2015, Rama told us that he would be coming to Singapore. He wanted to produce a solo tutorial pack featuring 4 of his most popular moves. We immediately leapt at the chance.

This tutorial pack includes a wealth of information about Rama's unique style and inspirations. Learn what goes on in the mind of the CDM 2011 champion in this 25-minute-long tutorial.