Jaspas Deck Primeval

"Designing the Jaspas Deck Primeval Edition was an incredibly difficult task. I wanted to stay true to the intentions of the original design and create a color scheme that would make people want to handle the cards for themselves. It had to be fresh and exciting, without resorting to a simple hue/saturation change. This led me down a path of countless different color combinations before I finally settled on the pastel pink and tiffany blue you see today. The calm and soothing colors feel inviting to the eyes and is a timeless pairing of modern color combinations."

"For the Jaspas Deck Primeval Edition, we auditioned 12 stocks and finishes before deciding on the paper used in the deck today. The deck feels awesome right out of the box, handles powder well and breaks in like a dream.

When I was at China's Cardistry Con, something odd happened. On day 2 of the event, one of the used Jaspas Deck Primeval Editions were stolen. You would think that the thief would have taken one of the brand new decks, but this was not the case. The thief instead took a 1-month-old, thoroughly used and seasoned deck, and had left the brand new test deck on the table. This could be a testament to how well the deck handles wear, or perhaps the thief just wanted a used Jaspas Deck Primeval Edition... I'd like to think the former."

The Jaspas Deck Primeval Editions are limited edition with only 1037 decks printed for sale.