HK Tutorial Pack

“On the 9th of June, Dylan, Dan, Claudia and I set out to Hong Kong to film an advert with a local company for a product that they were marketing.

Lying around in our hotel room and looking back on the trip, we realised how much Cardistry had changed our lives. From the small island of Singapore, we were flown all the way across Asia to Hong Kong, met Cardists from this foreign land, visited the Legends Playing Card Company’s office and filmed an advert which featured Cardistry for an international market.

I distinctly remember Dylan saying, “This… It’s all thanks to Cardistry.” It was this profound emotion that led us to deciding that we should film tutorials of some of our favourite moves and share it with the world.

  • The HK Tutorial Pack features 4 moves from 4 different Cardists with 4 distinct styles.

The array of moves range in difficulty, from easy and comfortable to execute, to knacky and downright punishing. Dylan’s Dycer is an easy-to-do, extremely flowy move that just feels right in the hands, whereas Claudia’s Diamond2Diamond sequence may take months to perfect, and has multiple beautiful moments.

Dan’s Sphinx starts off like an unassuming two-handed cut, but quickly defies all expectations as a triangle formation magically appears seemingly from nowhere. And my Double Aerial? I believe many of you guys will fall in love with this move.

This tutorial pack deviates from our usual “one cardist, one style, multiple moves” manner of producing tutorials, but when you experience these moves and see how each move brings something totally different to the table, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all the same.”

– Jaspas
August 2015