Fuck Physics Greenscreen Composite

Hello friend! Jaspas here.

I hope you enjoyed watching the Fuck Physics parody download. The download is a videographic representation of what Fuck Physics means to me.

To me, the illusion of Fuck Physics is what is perceived by the audience. Its method doesn’t matter at all – whether you choose to use strings, magnets, demonic spirits, tilted rooms or CGI. What matters is the experience which the audience is left with.

Rather than getting obsessed with the technicalities of the move (omg are you using your index finger instead of your middle finger?!), we should focus on the audience’s experience and the memories they take away with it. This holds true not just for Fuck Physics, but for all of the Cardistry that we do.

Fuck Physics Greenscreen


Fuck Physics has been like a baby to me ever since I first conceptualised it in 2014. I hope you enjoyed the download, and I look forward to bringing you more amazing Cardistry. If you liked the download, do check out our other tutorial downloads, as well as the latest School of Cardistry V2 deck. Each deck comes with a code to download the Elevator Cut tutorial for free!

As for the green screen composite file, right-click on the download link below. Use it wisely. Or not.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Fuck Physics Green Comp