The Cardistry of South East Asia Project

Late 2013. Singapore’s Cardistry community had just been revived, and meetups were being held every fornight. Old cardists took the opportunity to catch up with each other and enhance their skills, while new cardists brought refreshing perspectives to the art. People were rapidly improving by leaps and bounds, and creativity was going through the roof. And we thought, if this amount of leveling up could happen within our local community, imagine what we could achieve if we shared ideas across a larger scale.

Feature Film

So we embarked on a mission to do just that.

In March 2014, we launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an ambitious project. The Cardistry of South East Asia DVD was to feature tutorials from 10 of the best cardists across 5 countries in the South East Asia region. More importantly, we wanted to document the various communities in each of the countries – Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines – and see what we could learn from them.


Over the months of June and July, we were treated to a delectable mix of cultures, all so diverse and yet so similar in their passion for Cardistry. Some communities were already very established, and met up as friends and family rather than as cardists. Others were in their early stages of growth, but despite being few in number, you could see a strong desire to push their community forward. And still others seemed to be at the peak of their progress, with a large but close-knit group meeting up practically every day, and each and every cardist among them was a beast.

jam sessions

In this 90-minute DVD, join us on our journey as we meet the cardists on this side of the world. Hear their stories. Be inspired by them.

Then go forth and inspire others.

10 Moves

Learn how to make videos that appeal to both laymen and veterans, create new Cardistry moves at the drop of a hat, and perform for a live audience, in this 60-page book jam-packed with Jaspas' 13 years worth of Cardistry experience.

The CoSEA Project was officially launched on 28 September 2014, 12 noon (+8 GMT).

If you have any questions about the CoSEA Project, hopefully our FAQ page will be able to help you out. If it doesn't, please send us a message on Facebook.