The CoSEA Project – Frequently Asked Questions

Hello there! If you have any questions about the Cardistry of South East Asia project, hopefully the following list will help to answer them. If not, please feel free to send us a message on Facebook if you need help!


1. Why can’t I buy CoSEA decks separately from the DVD?
The aim of the CoSEA project is to highlight the Cardistry community in South East Asia, and it means a lot to us. Since the DVD is the main product of this project, it would not make sense to have the decks for sale independently from it. Also, since only a small number of decks were printed, we wouldn’t want them all to be swept up before our DVD buyers have had their chance to get some 🙂

2. How can I buy the DVD?
There have been/are several ways to get the DVD. We first launched an Indiegogo campaign in March 2014, with various tiers of perks including the DVD, CoSEA decks, and Jaspas Deck’s lecture notes. After returning from the CoSEA tour, we held a live stream where you could buy the DVD as well. Finally, the official launch of the DVD was on 28 September 2014, and instructions for purchasing the DVD were released during the live stream held on that day.

If you were unable to get a copy of the DVD, fret not. Digital downloads will be available once the physical copies of the DVD have been sold out.

3. How many DVDs and decks did you print?
We had 100 DVDs made and 1000 CoSEA decks printed.

4. Can I get a free deck?
We have been organizing many giveaways and lucky draws on our Facebook page, where you could stand to win CoSEA decks. Follow us on Facebook to find out when we are having more giveaways!

5. Will you be releasing a second edition in future?
We might consider doing an extended cut of the DVD in future. The decks will never be reprinted.

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